S2.E4 The Data Enabled Manufacturer


Connectivity in manufacturing has evolved from paper-based systems to centralized monitoring and control of plant operations anywhere, any time. Now, industry is looking at a new world of cloud connected devices that generate very large amounts of data. The drop in cost of automation and the rise of general-purpose production equipment in the new high mix, low volume manufacturing environment means that multiple datasets must be managed simultaneously for profitable production. Manufacturers simply cannot tool up for production runs in the millions anymore, even in traditional smokestack industries such as consumer durables or automotive. Can traditional manufacturers adapt, or is the advantage in the hands of smaller companies that build from the ground up with highly integrated control and analytics systems? Abby Eon, PTC Kepware General Manager, describes how the future for manufacturing data management may evolve, from the implications of cloud connectivity, to the way information technology may change the way parts and products are sourced and made, worldwide.rldwide.

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